Creative Club

Socialclub office
Socialclub office

Socialclub is an independent, highly scalable1 agency serving business needs2 through well-executed ideas that fundamentally change people perceptions3 and behaviours.

  1. 1

    The club includes a lot of talented friends we can reach out to based on our needs

  2. 2

    Creativity and design are powerful levers for added business value, increased brand awareness, influenced brand preferences

  3. 3

    People are our main focus and the goal is to influence their brand preferences in the best way possible.

Our goal

Ads that don’t look like ads


Take the risk to
be different innovate tell the truth take a side

And always remember

Every good idea deserves a beautiful execution.

Club members

  • 26112021_Valentin_2B8A3798

    Valentin Fertillet

    Partner & CEO

  • 26112021_Corentin_2B8A4331

    Corentin Fardeau

    Partner & Head of Strategy

  • 26112021_Maxime_2B8A5077

    Maxime Daguet

    Partner & Head of Design

  • 26112021_Leo_2B8A3599

    Léo Sattin

    Partner & Creative Director

  • 26112021_Marine_2B8A4123

    Marine Sanchez

    Managing Director

  • 26112021_Tom_2B8A4807

    Tom Danguy

    Creative Director

  • Aurelien 1

    Aurélien Liguori

    Creative Director

  • 26112021_Robin_2B8A5038

    Robin Blanc—Beyne

    Head of Studio

  • 10_14012022_Portraits-SC-Maiko_2B8A6518

    Maiko Flachard

    Account Manager

  • Sana

    Sana Atmane

    Strategic Planner

  • 26112021_Petit-Valentin_2B8A4793

    Valentin Chatagnon


  • 26112021_Barbara_2B8A3751

    Barbara Shabynina

    Project Director

  • Laura 1

    Laura Calvo

    Account Manager

  • LOUIS (1) 1

    Louis Tramond

    TV producer

  • 26112021_Hugo_2B8A4993

    Hugo Gallois

    Brand Designer

  • Alice

    Alice Guellil

    Art Director

  • Tim 1

    Timothée Bart

    Senior Brand Designer

  • 26112021_Pierre_2B8A4523

    Pierre Hatier

    Interactive designer

  • HugoP 1

    Hugo Pascalie

    CGI & 3D Artist

  • Aya

    Aya Benkial

    Office Manager

  • 26112021_Benoit-SC_2B8A4888 1

    Kylo & Sama

    Hapiness Manager

We do

Integrated Campaigns

Brand Activation

Brand Identity

Brand Content

  • Film direction
  • Photography
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Social media
  • Digital design
  • Web development
  • Illustration
  • 3D
  • Motion design
  • Influence
  • Print
  • Sound design