a black and white image of two circlesa man riding a wave on top of a surfboard

The starting dot

with tomorro


The starting dot with tomorro

Introducing a fresh name, a new brand strategy and dynamic identity to propel the legal world forward. The new brand name evokes the brand’s dedication to moving forward. Verbal identity and messaging highlight that a contract is just a start of the journey and Tomorro allows your teams to step up the legal game.

We created a strategic framework and visual identity that pushes this vision forward. The brand idea “the starting dot” served as a good starting block for the identity system driven by the dot, making the circular shape the key element present in the logo, patterns, typography and iconography.

Marked by a bright and strong green color, often linked to validating and moving forward, the new visual identity is highlighting the brand’s dedication to unblock legal tech, make the contract management smoother and help teams collaborate.

The graphic system imagined for Tomorro is flexible and allows the brand to adapt to various touch points making it easy for the team to use different elements to create a strong brand presence in any visual or verbal message.

THANKS to our clients

Antoine Fabre, Hugo Demanuel, Lucile Borgne, Sébastien Decrême, Thibaut Caoudal