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From the sea to save the earth



From the sea to save the earth

How can you avoid becoming another fashion brand made from recycled plastic?

Our challenge for Corail° was to tell a whole new story in this red ocean of lifestyle companies. Corail is on a mission to save our planet, starting from the ocean. Corail’s products are bio-inspired by oceans and created with more sustainable fabrics and innovative manufacturing processes. We chose to highlight Corail’s innovation and R&D to express the brand’s new strategy in visual and verbal direction.

Corail° Lab plays an important role in attaining the vision of the brand. It also needed an important place within identity. We wanted to embed the tech vernacular of the company through distinctive graphic elements, a strong grid and the language we use.

The primary influence and inspiration is the ocean and the coral. The important but subtle use of coral color is a nod the brand name.

brand idea

From the sea
to save the earth

THANKS to our clients

Alexis Troccaz, Paul Guedj, Martin Quessard, Pierre Le Boisselier, Emma Santiago, Justine Picot